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Advance Building Strategies commenced operations in April 2003. Since then the business has established itself with regular volume clients and smaller builders. Many working relationships with clients had been in operation with Jason Daniels prior to the inception of “Advance Building Strategies”.

The Advance Building Strategies team includes a committed and friendly in-house team as well as a network of approved supplier sub-contractors. Advance Building Strategies recognises the importance of consistency working as a team to provide top level service to our clients, especially in various geographic areas in a competitive, deregulated industry.

Advance Building Strategies engages registered practitioners as necessary to perform the mandatory inspections involved with the building permit process. To cover the geographic areas required and also remain readily accessible to clients and associated trades personnel, it was recognized that this would best be achieved by engaging a reliable network of providers. All sub-contractors used by Advance Building Strategies are registered, qualified, experienced and reputable.


Jason Daniels

Is the sole Director of Advance Building Strategies and Principal Building Surveyor BS-U 1441. Jason has 10 years experience at local government. With the deregulation of the building industry, Jason has been in private industry for over 20 years. This experience combined with his approachable demeanor makes him sought after and highly regarded by his peers. Permit application experience has included residential dwellings as well as large scale commercial projects.

Jason is a member of the Australian Institute of Building Surveyors and Peninsula Group of Building Surveyors.

Mark Jackson

Joined the team in 2007 and is a fully qualified Building Surveyor BS-U 1564. Mark has a wealth of knowledge which includes over 30 years experience within the industry. Previously Mark was the Municipal Building Surveyor at Bayside & Frankston municipalities. His knowledge & understanding of the local government functions & processes has proven to be most beneficial. Mark is well known & respected throughout the industry which provides Advance Building Strategies with the advantage of being in close contact with key decision makers.

Graeme Buchan

Senior Building Surveyor / Registered Building Surveyor BS-U 1035 and Building Inspector IN-U 1031, Graeme has a wealth of knowledge with 18 years building control experience within Local Government including that of Building Inspector and Municipal Building Surveyor and over 32 years as a private practitioner. His knowledge and understanding of the local government functions and processes and on-site construction methods has proven to be most beneficial. Graeme specializes in Educational, Commercial, Retail, Industrial, and mid-rise residential developments and works closely with architects, building designers, developers and builders.

Graeme is a Fellow of the Australian Institute of Building Surveyors and a foundation member of the Peninsula Building Practitioners Group

Adrian Ferretto

Joined the team in 2010 and is a fully qualified Building Surveyor (Limited) BS-L 72660 & Building Inspector IN-L 12609.  Adrian compliments the Advance Building Strategies team by liaising with clients, provides plan assessments & undertakes mandatory inspections.

Anthony Durrand

Joined the team in 2015 and is a fully qualified Building Surveyor BS-U 43190. Anthony spent 5 years working at Bayside Council where he progressed to senior roles in the Building Department. This experience compliments his previous 10 years working in the industry's private sector which included a variety of on-site roles ranging from site supervisor to management for a prominent volume builder in both the domestic and commercial fields.



Kate Warburton is Jason Daniels' Executive Assistant. Kate maintains all the IT requirements and assists with Accounts.

Niomi Parsons maintains all the Construction Services Information requests for Advance CSI.

Jodie looks after the accounts and business administration requirements. Her background includes qualifications and experience in bookkeeping, human resources and quality management systems.