Advance Building Strategies - Building Surveyors Building Permits Melbourne

Advance Building Strategies offer the following services:

  • Obtain property information (2-3 week process)
  • 24-48 hour turnaround of applications with our unique and proven Building Permit Application System
  • Provide preliminary and regulatory advice in respect to the National Construction Code of Australia, Building Act and Building Regulations
  • Assess the building plans, computations and other relevant documentation in relation to the project, to ensure they comply with relevant Codes and Australian Standards
  • Issue the Building Permits necessary to instigate the construction of the proposed project
  • Correspondence sent via email & upload to our website
  • Issue Occupancy Permits on completion of each dwelling same day of inspection approval
  • Attend design meetings with the Drafting teams when required
  • Building Surveyor available after business hours

Additional Services Available

  • Prepare and attend Building Appeals when required
  • Apply for BAL Assessments